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Zoom Drama: The Prodigal Son

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

This Summer we will produce the drama "The Prodigal Son." We hope that we can improve our English while having fun. We will cast the following roles and practice our parts while we meet during our regular meetings. We may meet one additional time if we need to practice more. We plan to record our Zoom production of “the Prodigal Son” on August 4th,2022 at Los Angeles Time, or at a later time if needed,

We are looking to cast the following roles

ACT 1: The Farm Cast: Father, the younger son, Narrator1

ACT 2: The Restaurant Cast: The younger son, Friend1, Friend2, Narrator2

ACT 3: The Clothing Store Cast: Younger son, Shopkeeper, Friend3, Friend4, Narrator3

ACT 4: The Street Cast: Younger son, Friend5

ACT 5: The Restaurant Cast: Younger son, Friend2, Stranger, Waiter, Narrator2

ACT 6: The Clothing Store Cast: Younger son, Shopkeeper

ACT 7: The Pig Farm Cast: Younger son, Narrator3

ACT 8: The Farm Cast: The younger son, older son, Father, Narrator4

We will cast several people to a role so we can all participate and have backups.

We are looking forward to having you join us.



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