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We Practice English

Written by Evelyn

We have been organizing an online hangout, "We Practice English," for about a year. On the first and third Thursday evenings each month, we meet on Zoom for about 1 hour to practice English conversation with English learners worldwide. Here is a brief report about our last meeting.

On Thursday, September 16, we began a new series, "Journey Through Time using FriendSpeak sessions in the book of Luke to practice speaking, reading, and comprehending the English language. We had 12 guests from around the world: New was Jing from China lives in Canada, Naoko – Japan, Sammie – Japan, Eugenia resided in Danville, CA for 30 years now lives in Taiwan, Luis – Peru. Other regular guests were Elmer – Singapore, Omid – Iran, Javier, Pablo, Gabriel – Argentina, Kathy _ Singapore, and Carlos – Honduras.

We all had a good time reading and discussing the Bible lessons, although we have different backgrounds and religious faith. Young adults from around the world are very open to using the Bible to practice English. They also are interested in what the scriptures mean. We treat each other with respect.

We remind ourselves that for I know His Word will never return to Him void, Is 55:10-11.

From now on, we will blog about our meeting. So feel free to join us.

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