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Journey Through Time Part 3

As we continue the new "Journey Through Time" series at our online hangout, "We Practice English," I am grateful that many new guests have visited us. Some of them come regularly, allowing us to learn about each other. I always look forward to meeting them again.

The format of reading stories about Jesus in a simplified ancient book Luke, followed by discussion of "new words" and small group discussions in breakout rooms, appears to work well. It helps English learners to practice speaking, listening, simple English language usage, and comprehension. In addition, reading a simple passage provides helpful content for a topical discussion allowing everyone to share their own experience.

In the last meeting, we read the story of the boy Jesus who was missing in his family's traveling party at a Passover festival. Then, we discussed how we were like when we grew up and shared the stories of our favorite celebrations and childhood memories. It turns out that most of us were pretty rebellious when we grew up, but some of us were obedient.

Active participation from our guests makes our online meeting special. Even with broken English for some guests, we manage to have meaningful conversations while practicing English. Our volunteers like Evelyn, Mary Ann, Heather, and Stephanie play a vital role in facilitating the discussions. In addition, it is so encouraging to see that some of our guests, like Pablo, Gabriel, and Eugenia, take the initiative on their own to help to facilitate the discussions.

I am very grateful to my friends Pablo and Gabriel, both from Argentina. They have been with me on this journey from the very beginning, as we have tried many different formats engaging English conversations. In addition, to attend our bi-monthly meetings, I meet with them regularly weekly for an hour to practice English conversations through reading. They are highlights of my weeks.

It is good to see some of our recent guests come regularly and actively participate in the discussions. Thank you, Sammie, and Linda. Your presence has undoubtedly enriched our meetings. Diana, it is good to see you return after a long absence. We all enjoy your notes in our WhatsApp group, hoping we can taste your homemade croissants one day.

We practice English by encouraging participants to tell their stories; we hope to gain insights and build friendships by exchanging our experiences. We welcome you to join us.

Please note that we use PST time and please check your local time and date for our meeting.

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Nov 08, 2021

I so agree Ming. Been loving our meetings on Thursday evenings. It is wonderful to know others feel comfortable in sharing life stories. We are learning different ways to make our Thursday evening meetings more meaningful too. I am so blessed to meet so many from other countries and various cultures. God has created all peoples with the desire to be accepted, loved and treated with great respect.


Diana Mosco
Diana Mosco
Nov 07, 2021

Please join us! You will not regret; it’s a lovely cohort.

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