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Journey Through Time Part 2

Written by Evelyn,

On October 7, 2021, "We Practice English," an online hangout for English learners sponsored by FriendSpeak@Campbell, met again using the FriendSpeak curriculum. This curriculum uses a simplified version of the Bible book Luke as text to help English learners practice listening, speaking, conversation and comprehension. The session included ice breaker activities, reading, small group discussions in breakout rooms, speaking opportunities in a large group on various subjects, mainly reporting on the individual small group discussions.

The meeting was a great success. We had about 17 guests with ages ranging from 18 to 79 years old. Our guests came from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, Honduras, Argentina, Venezuela. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The discussions were lively and with broken English at times. We learned about each other, learned about different cultures and the bible story while improving English.

God is Working! The lesson was about the miracle of Mary becoming pregnant with Jesus. Everyone, regardless of their cultural heritage, was very open to reading, discussing, and learning to comprehend the words of the Bible. I was amazed at how freely our guests shared their thoughts and hope in God, and even the guys enjoyed the discussion of faith, love, and family.

We praise God for the opportunity to share His love.

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I am amazed by the graphics, photos, movement of the slides, the benevolence, care, concern and love that your blog portrays. What an excellent way to improve conversational skills while discussing Luke! The expressions on the precious participants show eagerness to learn, desire to make a friend and comfort and ease for being present. Keep up the fantastic work! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Landis Hogue from Arlington, TX.

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